Children of William Lindsey (1760/1770 – 1840) and Rachel Earnest — Cassandra, John, Nicy Malinda

Biography of John Jefferson Johnson, Memoirs of Georgia: Containing Historical Accounts of the State’s Civil, Military, Industrial and Professional Interests, and Personal Sketches of Many of Its People, vol. 1 (Atlanta: Southern Historical Association, 1895), pp. 299-300

Or, Subtitled: Tracking Spartanburg County, South Carolina, Lindseys to Georgia and Points West

This posting about the children of William Lindsey (1760/1770 – 1840) and Rachel Earnest of Spartanburg County, South Carolina, is a continuation of a series of postings about this family. The first two postings in this series are here and here. Since William and Rachel had a large family of nine (known) children, I’ll post about the children of this family in several groups. This posting deals with their first three (?) children, Cassandra, John, and Nicy Malinda. I use a question mark here because, as explained below, I know so little about John that I’m not entirely sure where he fits in the order of children born to William and Rachel.

5 thoughts on “Children of William Lindsey (1760/1770 – 1840) and Rachel Earnest — Cassandra, John, Nicy Malinda

  1. Quick note, before I get back to reading. “I suspect that a Claire Johnson buried in Oothcalooga Baptist cemetery at Adairsville is their daughter. Her tombstone shows that she was born the 11 March 1829 and died 6 December 1836.” It makes no sense to bury a child in a place a decade before you move there (nor to exhume and cart a body there).  Is Find-A-Grave your only information about this person?  I would consider that the year of death may be 1856, which would also change her age at death to 27.  If so, then she could be a maiden daughter or a daughter-in-law.  Perhaps the church historian may offer some details about this person. Hope all is well.  —  John


    1. Thank you, John. That’s an excellent point. I’m embarrassed that I had not even thought about the fact that the 1836 date predates the family’s move to Georgia. In fact, I tend to think there probably was no Oothcalooga Baptist church and cemetery there in 1836, so the 1856 date would make even more sense for that reason. Since there’s no Claire listed as a daughter on the 1850 census in this household, I’d wonder if your thought that she could be a wife of a Johnson son might explain who she is. I so much appreciate this good feedback.


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