Children of Elizabeth Brooks (1747/1750 – 1816) and Husband George Rice (1735 – 1792): Ruth Rice (1769 – 1852) and Husband Micajah Roach (1761 – 1805)

Tennessee Gazette (8 June 1803), p. 2, col. 3

Or, Subtitled: At the “ſign of the Indian Queen” in Bairdſtown, Micajah Roach is “determined to exert himſelf to accommodate travelers in the beſt manner the country will afford, excellent ſtables, clover lotts, &c

When I promised in my last posting a follow-up piece about the children of George Rice and Elizabeth Brooks, I thought I’d have that article done in no time at all — and that the task would be simple. I thought wrong.

9 thoughts on “Children of Elizabeth Brooks (1747/1750 – 1816) and Husband George Rice (1735 – 1792): Ruth Rice (1769 – 1852) and Husband Micajah Roach (1761 – 1805)

  1. Unsure if this blog is still alive but I appreciated the write up.

    I’m trying to trace my paternal lineage- through a Y DNA test it directly led me to John Rice(d 1802?)of Rice’s Landing PA, migrated from Va, which led me to his father John Rice, which led to Patrick Rice.

    One of John Rice’s of PA neighbors, brother-in-law and business associates was a Thomas Roach.

    I am trying to connect the Rice’s Landing Rices and Thomas Roach with a Micajah Roach who married a Rice to no avail.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I’m still actively maintaining this blog, posting new material every several days. If I am understanding correctly, you have found that you likely descend from John Rice, brother of Patrick Rice — the John Rice who died in late April or early May 1785 in Frederick County, Virginia. I think it was that John’s son John who is the John of Rice’s Landing. John Rice (d. 1785), brother of Patrick, married Micajah Roach’s sister Hannah Roach. So the Rice line of Rice’s Landing definitely does have Roach ancestry as well as Rice ancestry.


      1. HI Thanks for the reply I didn’t check up on this.

        Sorry for the jumbled reply previously. — My direct line is a Jonathan B Rice (b 1790 KY d Kankakee 1872) – Y DNA testing of mine and another’s of the Jonathan B Rice line connects with the direct relatives of John Rice, founder of Rice’s Landing.

        My main goal is finding out Jonathan B Rice’s (b1790) paternal heritage and how it connects. I am unable to connect his associate/ Brother-in-law Thomas Roach with Micajah Roach with the ultimate goal of connecting anything back to Jonathan B Rice or even John Rice of Rice’s Landing.

        John Rice Jr founder of Rice’s Landing married a Sarah Roach, sister of Thomas Roach.


  2. Sorry, I am unable to edit previous reply.

    My second paragraph should I didn’t mean Jonathan B Rice (b 1790)’s brother in law was Thomas Roach was brother-in-law to John RiceJr of Rice’s Landing


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