Children of Mary Brooks (d. 1787, Frederick County, Virginia) — Elizabeth Brooks (1747/1750 – 1816) and Husband George Rice (1735 – 1792): Wills of George and Elizabeth Rice

Will of George Rice, Woodford County, Kentucky, Will Bk. A, pp. 72-4

Or, Subtitled:I give and devise all my estate in Lands lying on the Western Waters to my six Children

George Rice died testate in Woodford County, Kentucky, with a will dated 4 August 1792 and proved at October court 1792 in Woodford County.[1] The will reads as follows:

10 thoughts on “Children of Mary Brooks (d. 1787, Frederick County, Virginia) — Elizabeth Brooks (1747/1750 – 1816) and Husband George Rice (1735 – 1792): Wills of George and Elizabeth Rice

    1. Thank you for this information. Yes, George’s will states that Elizabeth was his niece. She was evidently a daughter of George’s brohter John Rice. I hadn’t known the name of her Boyd husband, and appreciate your providing it.


      1. I am really intrigued by John Boyd/Elizabeth Rice and their potential children. In the 1784 Minute Book 1 of Jefferson Co KY we know they had at least 2 daughters adopted by George Rice, Elizabeth and Jane Boyd.

        If they happened to have had a son, also named John Boyd I believe I’ve found a link between my Rices in Henry County KY and George Rice/Frederick County Rices.

        A John Boyd was neighbors in the six mile creek of Henry County KY with Capt William M Rice & family, my direct relatives brother.

        This John Boyd married a Dicy Green, daughter of Benjamin Green – The linked page traces the records of the Greens but John Boyd shows up a few times and other neighbors and family members of my Captain William M Rice – (Moores, Roberts ) and a Benjamin Green is mentioned in a record of my Capt William M Rice specifically:
        1827 Henry Co., Ky

        Deed Book 12, Page 258

        Coroner’s Inquest 22 June 1827
        Into the death of James Roberts who “while attempting to cross Six Mile Creek on the evening of the 20th instance was drowned by being washed off his horse.”

        Joseph Brinker, coroner – **James Green, Foreman; Benjamin Green; William Rice Jr**.; Zebulon Moore; David Adams Sr.; etc.

        A Joseph Newhouse appears with the Greens as well. When he died his widow, Joana remarried a Charles Clark, brother of my Capt W.M. Rice’s wife, Susannah Clarke.

        The appraisement of Joseph Newhouse’s will in August 1807 Henry County Court is the record directly before a William Rice’s appraisement of estate. (I believe this William to be my direct ancestors father, whose name we know was William) In the July 1807 Court, this William Rice’s Will was probated, leaving his scant belongings to his brother, John Rice.

        In the above Green genealogy/Henry County Kentucky they track Richard & Isaac Green back to the 1782 Elk Creek Militia list, where they served with none other than a John Rice and William Rice:

        1782 Montgomery Co., VA

        Militia Roles

        GREEN, ISAAC, List of Elk Creek Militia on 9/6/1782.

        GREEN, RICHARD, List of Elk Creek Militia on 9/6/1782; on Cox’s Company, Prob. 1782 & 1783.

        JOHNSON, MOSES, List of Elk Creek Militia on 9/6/1782 and on the 1782 Elk Creek Militia List.

        LEE, CLEMENT, On 1777 List of Cox’s Militia Company

        RICE, JOHN, On 1777 List of Cox’s Militia Company and as Lieutenant, on the 1782 Elk Creek Militia List.

        RICE, WILLIAM, On lists of Elk Creek Militia on 9/6/1782 and 1782.

        The above Green websites eventually links a John Rice who moved to N.C/current day Tennesee with the Benajmin Green family in land records, who died in Roane County Tennesee in 1815
        1815 Roane Co., Tn

        Will Book A, Pages 60-61

        Will of John Rice, Sr. – April 1815

        NOTE: Mentions by name wife Susannah Rice, daughter Milly Bartlett, William – ‘son of my first wife’, son Isaac, and heirs of son James Rice deceased.

        My unproven guess is still that this John and William were sons of Edmund Rice, who at least was in SW PA from Frederick County VA near Connellsville in 1772 Tyrone Township Tax List. But I really need to explore this family of John Rice, who died in Roane Co Tennesee in 1815. It all seems to coincidental.


      2. It’s certainly a tangle – According to the Ten Mile Country by H Leckey, it is in fact George Rice’s brother Edmund in the 1772 Tyrone Township Tax List outside Connellsville. Which would track, since he would be near his sister’s family Rebeca Rice/Zachariah Connell. The name Edmund Rice also shows up in a couple of early court records of the area at the time.

        My Jonathan B Rice’s son, William M Rice (1812 – 1894) had a biography written shortly before his death that names his Grandfather as a William Rice, and mentions his Great Grandparents as being “natives of the old dominion” but “arriving at a later date by pack mules to Kentucky.”

        There are a couple of vague connections I’ve been able to make. I’ve been trying to sort out for months.

        In the 1789 Jefferson Co KY Tax List an has Edmund Rice and an Edward Rice living close to each other. A couple of pages later you can find my EKA’s brother Capt WM Rice and his father, William Rice Sen’r.

        Early Jefferson County Court/marriages has a couple of references to an Edward/Edmund Rice. An Edmund Rice married Mary Baxter – November 2, 1790, and another record exists for an Edmund Rice marrying another Baxter in 1798 I believe – I don’t know who precisely this Edmund is, but can foresee him marrying 2 sisters after 1 had passed away. A 1798 record also mentions a John Rice, aged 5 years being apprenticed to an Edmund Rice to learn the occupation of farmer.

        I don’t quite understand the date range, but a record has Dec 10 1813 – Aug 13 & Oct 10 1821 will of an “Edmund Rice Senior” where he left the balance of his estate to his adopted son John Rice “whom he raised from infancy” and he leaves a slave to an Ebney Baxter, with a William Baxter serving as a Witness.
        In the 1810 Henry County Census, a John Rice is living next door a Joseph, James, and Francis Baxter *and* a Benjamin Green (of which there were multiple Benjamin Greens) Benjamin Green and John Rice show up in later Tennesee land records.

        But This is in the same area and within a couple of pages in 1810 Census of my Captain W.M. Rices friends/neighbors/family of Aldridges, Roberts, Moores, and Charles Clark Jr his brother-in-law. My W.M. Rice is about 10 pages away.

        I can’t make any sense of I can’t make any sense of the Edmund Rice, died August 1821 in Jefferson County, aged 87 years at all.


      3. You’re right, quite a tangle. As you say, with Rebeca Rice Connell going to Tyrone township, it makes sense to think that her brother Edmund may also have come there. I wish I had new information about this to help you, but have found none.


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