Thomas Brooks (abt. 1747-1805): Wythe County, Virginia Years, 1793-1805

Will of Thomas Brooks, 4 November 1804, Wythe County, Virginia, Wythe County, Virginia, Will Bk. 1, pp. 308-9

Or, Subtitled: Fertile New Land, Lead Mines, Shot Towers and Forges, and Movement from the Middle Colonies into the Valley of Virginia

With my first posting about Thomas Brooks (abt. 1747-1805), I shared my information about Thomas’s life in Frederick County, Virginia, up to 1792, when he moved his family to Wythe County, Virginia. My account begins with a March 1767 deed of Patrick Rice to his son John, which Thomas witnessed, the first certain record I have of him in Frederick County. Since, as my posting indicates, I have not found information about Thomas’s father, I haven’t been able to track this family line sufficiently to say with any certainty where Thomas Brooks was born — a point to which I’ll return when I discuss in more detail the information I have about Thomas’s mother Mary, who made her will in Frederick County on 9 July 1786, with the will being probated on 4 April 1787.

10 thoughts on “Thomas Brooks (abt. 1747-1805): Wythe County, Virginia Years, 1793-1805

  1. Thank you for all this — it is fascinating and enlightening! Do you know anything about Thomas’ youngest daughter, Rebecca? She is mentioned in his will. She may or may not be my ancestor, Rebecca R. Brooks (born about 1786 in Virginia) who married Jacob Warren Walters in Hardin County, KY, in 1807. She may have moved to Hardin County after her parents death to join her sister, Margaret Brooks Day, but I don’t see any family connection with the Walters.
    Do you know of any research that would provide clues?


    1. Laurie, I am seeing this comment many months from when you made it, and thinking that the reply I made to it when you first posted it never went through — because I see no reply here. I sincerely apologize. You’re right that Thomas’s youngest daughter married Jacob Walters in Hardin County, Kentucky in 1807, and that she, Margaret Day, and their sister Sarah Lahue all went to Kentucky together in 1806. I have just begun a new series on the children of Thomas Brooks and wife Margaret, and it will include a posting or postings about your Rebecca. Meanwhile, I’m happy to share the information I have right now, if you’d want to email me. If you hit the contact button in the top right corner of the page, that will open a window for you to send me an email — and I’ll gladly respond and share my information with you. It will also appear, probably with new information I may find as I work on this line, in the posting(s) I make about Rebecca and Jacob. I sincerely apologize that it seems my reply to your much-appreciated comment back in July didn’t go through here!


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