Children of Thomas Brooks (abt. 1747 – 1805) and Wife Margaret: John Jehu and Rachel Brooks

Will of Thomas Brooks, Wythe County, Virginia, Will Bk. 1, pp. 308-9

Or, Subtitled: “Upon James Brooks throwing in two hundred dollars, Robert Brooks one hundred and twenty dollars, Jesse Brooks one hundred dollars”

I’m now drawing to a close my lengthy series about the children of Thomas Brooks and wife Margaret Beaumont/Beamon of Frederick and Wythe Counties, Virginia. This series began with an examination of Thomas and Margaret’s years in Frederick County, where they settled after they married in 1771 and where Thomas had been living prior to 1771. The narrative then moved on to a discussion of their life together in Wythe County, where they relocated in 1792 and where Thomas died testate before 12 February 1805. His estate records suggest that Margaret may have died in Wythe County after 1808, or that she left Wythe County after 1808 to move to Kentucky with some of her children and died there.

2 thoughts on “Children of Thomas Brooks (abt. 1747 – 1805) and Wife Margaret: John Jehu and Rachel Brooks

  1. I’m trying to draw some connections here with Mccmormacks and perhaps you can help.

    I’m digging at a Simeon Rice and trying to connect him to Patrick. He was at least in the same area, and if Google Maps is correct I can even place his land outside Winchester due to the reference to “Cabbon Run” (Cabin Run) creek running through his property.

    Some early records mention a Joseph Mccormacks as a neighbor to Simeon Rice and I’m unsure if he connections with the later Mccmormicks and Patrick/George Rice:

    1763–OWNED GRIST MILL/RIONS RAN NEARBY FULLING MILL/NEIGHBORS: Another early mill owner in early Jefferson County was William Vestal (first husband of Hannah Potts, who married William’s son Thomas). See notes of son Thomas, RIN 23799, for an account of what happened to William’s mills from 1769 on–also for more about William’s neighbors in Jefferson County, including Gershom Keyes (RIN 7301–land transactions 1763 involving his son Humphrey (RIN 699), Joseph McCormacks, John Carlyle, John Gladdion, John Sewell, John Crow, Simeon Rice, and Robert Harper. –shb 1 Mar 2000

    Another interesting record is this “Jon Rice” from 1763 and Thomas Hart. I know from a search Thomas Hart has been mentioned on his blog before. I wonder whom this Jon Rice might be, as it surely couldn’t be the John Rice, born 1745 son of Patrick?

    “1763–OTHER FREDERICK COUNTY NEIGHBORS: See 1763 notes of William’s son-in-law Humphrey Keyes for land survey by John Semple [there are “Sample” grants on p. 138–shb], of Maryland, assignee of Gersham Keys–lists land on south of Shanandoah “adj. Humphrey Keyes, his own (G. Keyes) land. Robt. Harper. CC – Thos Hart & Jno Rice. Survey Thomas Rutherford.” –shb 27 Sep 2000”

    I’m very intrigued by this record and vague “The Heirs of Simeon Rice” mentioned and if that information could be ascertained. Or if Patrick Rice family’s specific parcels of land can be found and it matches up with any of Simeon Rice’s records. Whatever the case Simeon Rice seems to have passed in the early 1760s.

    “1764–HEIRS LAND, NEIGHBORS NAMED IN RESURVEY: See 1763-1764 notes of Gershom Keyes for Joyner abstracted account of John Crow land (Crow was assignee of “Gershem”), 1764 resurvey of 463 acres “adj. the heirs of William Hall, ***the heirs of Simeon Rice***, John Adam Cooper, John Sewell, Hellens Dungen, Henry Moore. CC – Benja Bradley & Peter Bur [see notes of Mary Darke, RIN 17295, and Rev. William Williams, RIN 27003–shb]. Markers – Jno Sewell & Jno Crow. Surv. Thomas Rutherford.” –shb 16 Apr 2001”

    According to this link, There is a will from 1760 Frederick County of Simeon Rice:


    1. This is interesting information. I can’t say any of the names ring a bell. You’re right that a Thomas Hart shows up in a previous posting:

      I do find Simeon Rice’s will in Frederick WB 1, pp. 394-5. He made it 23 June 1758 and it was probated 7 May 1760. He had a wife Elizabeth and daughters Sarah and Elizabeth. Executors were Samuel Worthington and John Smith and witnesses were Daniel Howcomb, John Linch, R. Worthington, and John Humphrey.

      I wonder if there was a John Rice in Frederick who was a contemporary of and related to Patrick Rice, and if he’s the progenitor of the Rices of Rice’s Landing who may have been incorrectly conflated with Patrick’s son John?


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