Dennis Linchey, Irish Indentured Servant to Richmond County, Virginia, 1718, and Dennis Lindsey, Who Dies in Granville County, North Carolina, in 1762: A Comparison

The following is a small chart I’ve compiled to map some of the pertinent facts we know about Dennis Linchey, who came to Richmond County, Virginia, in April 1718 as an indentured servant from Ireland, and Dennis Lindsey, who died in August 1762 in Granville County, North Carolina. Yesterday, I posted a more extended discussion about why I am confident that the two men are the very same men — that is, that Dennis Lindsey of Granville County, North Carolina, is the man who arrived in Richmond County, Virginia, in 1718 as an Irish indentured servant.

Lindsey, Dennis and Dennis Linchey, a Comparison.jpg

Please note an error that needs to be corrected above: Jeremiah Strother is not in the 1754 Granville Counthy, North Carolina, militia list of Capt. Sugan Jones. His brothers Lawrence and Francis Strother are in this list.

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