New Information About the Rice Family of Frederick County, Virginia

Transcript of register of bible of Patrick Rice of Frederick County, Virginia, done in April 1898 by John Seaton at house of Adolphus Lafayette Reid, Greenup, Kentucky, apparent owner of this blbie in 1898; transcript found in the bible of George Rice, son of Jehu Rice of Greenup County, Kentucky
Transcript of register of bible of Jehu Rice, son of Elizabeth Rice, apparently done in April 1898 by John Seaton at house of Adolphus Lafayette Reid, Greenup, Kentucky, who perhaps owned the Jehu Rice bible in 1898; transcript found in the bible of George Rice, Jehu’s son

Or, Subtitled: Precious Transcripts of Old Bible Registers, Tucked Away in Family Bibles

This posting is another interruption in the series I’m currently doing about the children of Thomas Brooks (1775-1838) and wife Sarah Whitlock of Wythe County, Virginia, Wayne County, Kentucky, and Morgan County, Alabama. I’ve promised you a continuation of my discussion of the family of Thomas and Sarah’s son Thomas Whitlock Brooks (1805-1879). I’ll soon be posting information about Thomas W. Brooks’s children by his wives Nancy Gillespie and Nancy Westfall.

2 thoughts on “New Information About the Rice Family of Frederick County, Virginia

  1. This is new information to me and a of great importance. Thank you for posting it.

    I’ve found one Geni profile from 2017 that has the marriage of Patrick Rice and Elizabeth Decou listed but I don’t know what their original sourcing was.

    There is a mess with his son, John Rice. — Every online lineage I’ve seen has Patrick’s first son as “John Rice Sr” and John Rice sr’s son being “John Rice Jr” born ca 1745 – died 1802. He was the founder of Rice’s Landing, PA.

    If this transcription is accurate obviously these online lineages are incorrect and something needs to be made of this extra “John Rice Sr.” — Whatever the case, according to Pastor John Corbly researchers John Rice Sr, “Jr” and early Rices were neighbors of parishioners of Pastor John Corbly, an oft persecuted early Baptist minister, explorer, and pioneer church builder who was jailed multiple times. – He deeded his land to “John Rice Sr” and story has it after Corbly’s wife died the “John Rice Sr” family fostered Corby’s family while he was traveling the Frontier. When he made it back, he deeded his land. — A lot of Rice’s show up with Corbly in the right times and places and follow his migration to Louisville and Jefferson County, KY. Which is where my EKA line shows up.

    Thanks again!


    1. Thank you for this response. Yes, such valuable material, and I agree that there has been much confusion about Patrick Rice’s son John. You probably know much more about the Rice family than I do. My primary goal in researching it has been to figure out the connection to the Brooks family, which obviously goes beyond the marriage of Elizabeth Brooks to Patrick Rice’s son George Rice. The two families lived near each other in Frederick County, show up in deeds and wills of each other, and had mutual ties to the Hollingsworths. This has made me want to know more about the Rices, and especially where Patrick Rice came from before he was in Frederick County.

      If he was an Irish immigrant directly to Frederick County, as many researchers have thought, then I wonder how it happened that he married Elizabeth Decow, who was clearly part of a Quaker family in Burlington County, New Jersey. I wonder how and when they met.

      I, too, have found a great deal of confusion about Patrick’s son John, as you say. It sounds to me as though your Rices of Rice’s Landing may well have had close ties to the family in Frederick County, Virginia, but I still know so little about the family in Frederick County that I’m not sure I could pinpoint how they were connected.


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