Children of Dennis Lindsey (1794-1836) and Jane Brooks: Thomas Madison Lindsey (1821-1898) — Children of Thomas and Wives Margaret Jane Torrence and Alice

1. Esaneth Ann Lindsey was born 16 October 1844 in Lawrence County, Alabama, and died 6 January 1910 at Robinson in McLennan County, Texas, where she is buried in Robinson cemetery. On 12 March 1861 in Lawrence County, she married William Harrison LaFever, son of Gillam LaFever and Nancy Michael. He is buried in Robinson cemetery with her.

The children of Esaneth Ann Lindsey and William Harrison LaFever (all with surname LaFever) are Dora Griffith (1866-1944; married Samuel R. Cross); Margaret Ann (1870-1917; married Walter Marlin, son of Robert Marshall Moncrief and Martha Jane Harrison); William Edwin (1872-1945; married Viola Katherine, daughter of William E. Green and Maggie Steel); Beulah Mildred (1874-1951; married Thomas Hart Benton, son of Jefferson F. Stovall and Addie Elizabeth Webb); Martha Sue (1876-1957; married John Steele, son of John Hardin Kilgore and Eliza Ann Gilbert); and Joe Wilks (1878, died young).

Jane Novella Lindsey and husband James Daniel May from Henry C. Lindsey, The Mark Lindsey Heritage (Brownwood, Texas; 1982), p. 129 — photos shared by descendants of Novella Jane, in their possession in 1982

2. Jane Novella Lindsey was born 21 February 1846 in Lawrence County, Alabama, and died 14 August 1924 at Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas. She is buried in Lubbock cemetery. On 15 May 1870 in McLennan County, Texas, she married James Daniel May, son of Levi Pulaski May and Martha Caroline Barfield. 

The children of Jane Novella Lindsey and James Daniel May (all with surname May) are James Walter (1871-1947; married Lula Frances, daughter of William Benjamin Simpson and Mary Susannah Spruill); Mattie McKnight (1873-1880); John Mattison (1875-1876); Rosa Lee (1878-1960; married Charles Madison, son of Martin Luther Cormany and Mary Ann Elizabeth Mills); James Daniel (1880-1965; married Eva Samantha, daughter of Benjamin B. Hodges).

3. George Washington Lindsey was born 8 July 1847 in Lawrence County, Alabama, and died between 10 August 1870 and 31 October 1872, probably in McLennan County, Texas. On 2 July 1868 in McLennan County, he married Minerva Jane Stubblefield, daughter of Jeremiah Stubblefield and Matilda Caroline Harrison. 

Child of George Washington Lindsey and Minerva Jane Stubblefield (with surname Lindsey) is James M. Lindsey (1869-1937; married Lily Viola, daughter of James William Henson and Mary Gibson).

4. Grizel/Grizelle A. Lindsey was born about 1850 in Itawamba County, Mississippi. She may be the Grizell Denison found on the 1870 federal census in Dallas, Texas, with George W. Denison as her apparent spouse. I find no record of her after this time and have not proven that this is Grizel/Grizelle A. Lindsey.

5. Dennis Adam Lindsey was born August 1854 in Lawrence County, Alabama, and died after 1920, possibly in Matagorda County, Texas. By 1910, the federal census (Knox County, Texas) shows him with a wife Jennie, indicating that they have been married 17 years. But in 1900, he is enumerated on the federal census raising sheep at Oreana in Owyhee County, Idaho, and is single. I last find him in 1920 on the federal census in Matagorda County, Texas, with his sister Mary Lindsey Brooks and her daughter Vista living with him.

Mary Frances Lindsey Brooks and children William T. and Birdie, photo uploaded by Saundra Pool to her Pool Family tree at Ancestry

6. Mary Frances Lindsey was born 26 December 1854 in Lawrence County, Alabama, and died 5 May 1926 at Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas. On 2 February 1870, she married in McLennan County, Texas, to James Dennis Brooks, son of James Irwin Brooks and Mary Jane Lindsey. Mary Frances is buried in Lubbock cemetery, and James Dennis in Robinson cemetery at Robinson, McLennan County, Texas.

The children of Mary Frances Lindsey and James Dennis Brooks (all with surname Brooks) are Tolbert (abt. 1874-1880/1900); James Thomas (1877-1880/1900); Minnie Daniel (1897-1943; married James Edward, son of William Benjamin Simpson and Mary Susannah Spruill); Johnnie Mae (1884-1917; married Henry Clements, son of William Benjamin Simpson and Mary Susannah Spruill); William Tolbert (1889-1959; married Mary Sturm); Birdie B. (1890-1936; married Marion Francis, son of Samuel H. Robinson and Mary Jeanette Melton).

7. James Lindsey was born about 1857 in Lawrence County, Alabama, and died 1870-1880 at Moody, McLennan County, Texas.

8. Rufus Lindsey was born May 1860 in Lawrence County, Alabama, and died 1860-1870 in Lawrence or Fayette County, Alabama, or McLennan County, Texas.

Sarah Margaret Lindsey and husband James William Conger, photos uploaded by Gayle Marin to Family Search tree for this couple

9. Sarah Margaret Lindsey was born 6 February 1864 in (Fayette County?) Alabama, and died 10 April 1927 at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. On 8 July 1883 at Moody in McLennan County, Texas, she married James William Conger, son of Stephen Dorris Conger and Mary Elizabeth Rhodes.

The children of Sarah Margaret Lindsey and James William Conger are (all surname Conger) Elizabeth Adele (1884-1943); Nellie Westerfield (1887-1979; married William R., son of William Burton Knowles and Dollie L. Pettis); Margaret McKnight (1889-1980; married William Lundy, son of James Madison Coleman and Sarah Elizabeth Duke); Reata Willian (1891-1977; married Reuben Tarrant, son of William Allen Robinson and Susanna Smith Wyman); Effie Lenora (1893-1925; married C.E. Gibson); William Madison (1895-1933; married Anna Grace King); Thomas Dorris (1897-1955; married Margaret, daughter of Edmond Stevens Dechman and Mae Belle Williams); George Lindsey (1899-1950; married Mary Elizabeth Blair); Alice Loraine (1902-2000; married Ernest Carl, son of Joseph Madison Toler and Mary Virginia Yelverton); Edward Valls (1909-1981; married Elco, daughter of John Tatum Davis and Julie Savannah Ward).

By his second wife Alice (about 1848 — October 1872-May 1875), Thomas Madison Lindsey had the following children:

1. Alice Lindsey was born 2 February 1871 at Robinsonville in McLennan County, Texas, and died 3 November 1937 at Temple, Bell County, Texas. She married Polk Benton Boyse, son of John Brannan Boyse and Mary Elizabeth Duncan. Alice is buried at Moody cemetery, Moody, McLennan County, Texas.

The children of Alice Lindsey and Polk Benton Boyse (both with surname Boyse) are John Brannan and Frank Weldon.

2. Lula Lindsey was born 8 October 1872 at Robinsonville in McLennan County, Texas, and died 1 February 1907. She married John Franklin Bruno. Lula is buried at Cedarville Bay City cemetery, Bay City, Matagorda County, Texas.

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