Children of Thomas Whitlock Brooks (1805-1879) and Wife Nancy Gillespie

History of Randolph and Macon Counties, Missouri (St. Louis: National Historical Co., 1884), p. 550

Or, Subtitled: “Two splendid orchards, one in especial, containing 250 trees — apple, peach, cherry and other fruits”

This posting is a continuation of a previous posting in which I discussed the life of Thomas Whitlock Brooks (1805-1879), a son of Thomas Brooks (1775-1838) and Sarah Whitlock (1774-1837) of Wythe County, Virginia, Wayne County, Kentucky, and Morgan County, Alabama. As that posting notes, Thomas Whitlock Brooks moved with wife Nancy Gillespie, daughter of Robert Gillespie and Margaret Edmundson, from Wayne County, Kentucky, to Randolph County, Missouri, in 1832. Nancy died in Randolph County between 1843 and 1 December 1848, and on 29 March 1849, Thomas W. Brooks married Nancy Westfall, daughter of Cornelius Westfall and Edith Wilson. 

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