Brief Addendum to Posting about Ruth Rice and Husband Micajah Roach: New Information about Their Son Griffin T. Roach (1797/8 – 1875)

As the posting linked above also tells you, the 1850 federal census shows Griffin and Mary and their family living in Greenup County. By 1860, he and wife Mary and son John W. were living at Ironton in Lawrence County, Ohio, where Griffin had a tanning business. By 1870, Griffin and Mary were in Bedford township in Wayne County, Illinois, again with son John W., and Griffin was farming. Mary died in Wayne County on 14 February 1798 and is buried in Bunker cemetery at Rinard in that county. The posting linked above provides documentation for these pieces of information.

Since writing that posting, I’ve discovered some new information about Griffin T. and Mary Wingate Roach and want to share it now in this addendum to my previous posting. At his Layman Family Tree at Ancestry, Daniel R. Layman has posted a transcript of documents found in — if I’m understanding his note about these documents correctly — a circuit court case file (#4845) in Lewis County, Kentucky, documenting the divorce of William Lindsey Pogue and his second wife Caroline Ann Roach, daughter of Griffin T. and Mary Wingate Roach. 

Daniel Layman provides a transcript of the documents in this circuit court case file, noting that they were originally transcribed by a Pogue researcher, Christiane Station, and that he has formatted her transcript for easier reading. The transcript also has in its heading the name of a Dr. William M. Talley of Montréal, Québec, Canada. It’s not clear to me what connection he has to this piece of Pogue documentation. Daniel Layman’s transcript is entitled “Pogue Divorce,” and he states that the circuit court case whose documents are being transcribed is the case of William L. Pogue vs. Caroline Ann Pogue, 1 May 1858.

The transcript shows William Lindsey Pogue filing for a divorce from wife Caroline Ann Roach Pogue in Lewis County, Kentucky, in May 1858. William L. Pogue was then living in Lewis County. His complaint states that he married Caroline Ann (formerly) Roach in 1839 in Greenup County and they remained together until 1851 when she began “to evince discontent and disobedience which grew more and more manifest” until December 1853 when, according to Pogue, Caroline became faithless and “committed secret acts of adultery” with William B. Jones. According to William L. Pogue, Caroline abandoned him on 12 May 1854 in Hannibal, Missouri, to which they had recently moved.  

Among the documents in the case file are depositions given by Caroline’s parents Griffin and Mary Roach, which provide helpful information about this family. Griffin T. Roach deposed on 8 November 1858 at the office of Thomas A. Brattin, a justice of the peace in Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio. His deposition states that Caroline Ann Roach was his daughter, and that she and William L. Pogue had married in Greenup County, Kentucky, “at my house in October 1839.”

According to Griffin Roach, William L. and Caroline Roach Pogue moved to Hannibal, Missouri, by 1852 and remained there until 1854, with William L. Pogue returning to Greenup County after this. Since January, 1854, his daughter Caroline had lived in Ironton. 

Mary Roach deposed on 9 November 1858 at her and Griffin’s house in West Ironton, noting that she was 61 years old. She stated that her daughter Caroline Ann Roach married at her parents’ house in Greenup County, Kentucky, in October, in a year she could not recall — possibly 1841 or 1842. According to Mary, in 1858, Caroline was living in West Ironton, Ohio. Deposing along with Mary was Griffin and Mary Roach’s daughter Mrs. Mary Golden, who also noted that her sister Caroline was living in West Ironton.

The transcript of the material in this circuit court case file contains much more information than what I’ve extracted above, and those interested in it may wish to consult the file that Daniel Layman has helpfully provided at his Ancestry tree, which is a public tree. I’ve extracted the information the file contains about Griffin T. and Mary Roach, to supplement what I shared about this family in my preceding posting. Griffin and Mary’s depositions in their son-in-law’s divorce case suggest to me that the couple had moved from Greenup County, Kentucky, to Ironton, Ohio, where they’re found on the 1860 federal census, by 1854. Note that Lawrence County, Ohio, of which Ironton is the county seat, is contiguous to Greenup County, Kentucky, joining it on the east. In moving to Ironton, the Roach family had essentially simply moved across the Ohio River.

In my next posting, which will focus on the family of Elizabeth Rice, sister to Ruth Rice Roach, and her husband William McCormick, I’ll say more about William Lindsey Pogue and his wives Ann McCormick, daughter of William and Elizabeth, and Carol

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