Richard Whitlock (1616-1666), Oxford Graduate, Anglican Parson, Heir to Manor of Beches, Berkshire, England — Corrections and Additions

(1) I’ve been stupidly giving the date of birth of Richard’s father as “about 1593.” I repeated that mistaken date several times in the posting linked above and in postings preceding it. Richard Whitlock, father of Richard Whitlock (1616-1666), was born prior to 1586, when his father John Whitlock made his will on 28 December 1586, stating that Richard was John’s youngest son and was one of four of John’s sons not yet aged 24. Richard has been conventionally assigned a birth date of “about 1583.” A 9 had crept into that date somehow as I assigned an “about” year of birth to him here, and I’ve now corrected the birth year to about 1583.

(2) I had forgotten, when I composed the posting linked at the head of this posting, that Richard’s (1616-1666) mother Katherine Burchett/Brechette Whitlock mentioned her son Richard in her 24 February 1648 will. I have now included information about that will and what it says about Richard Whitlock in the posting linked above.

(3) Finally, I had missed three scholarly articles discussing Richard Whitlock (1616-1666), copies of which are found in the references material at the Whitlock Family One-Name Study website. I’ve now added information from those three scholarly articles to the posting linked above.

As I mention the Whitlock Family One-Name Study site, permit me to say again that Peter Whitlock, who heads that project, has done years of amazing research on Whitlock families, and I could not be discussing my own ancestral line here without relying extensively on Peter’s years of research on my family, and on the documents he has painstakingly gathered, indexed, and made available at this website. Peter’s work is a gift to Whitlock researchers for which we all should be very grateful indeed.

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