Some Additional Notes about Mary Whitlock Jones (1741 – 1810/1820) and Ann Whitlock Austin (abt. 1742/4 – ?), Daughters of James Whitlock and Agnes Christmas

For any readers who may have read my previous posting about Mary Whitlock, daughter of James Whitlock and Agnes Christmas of Hanover and Louisa Counties, Virginia, and her husband William Jones, I’ve now made a number of additions and corrections to that posting, and wanted to draw your attention to these.

I had neglected to provide information about William Jones’s listings on the 1800, 1810, and 1820 federal census in Greenville County, South Carolina. These census entries provide, I think, some important pieces of information. On the 1800 and 1810 censuses, William’s household contains a female in his age category. That female member of the household is no longer in the household in 1820.

I’ve concluded that Mary Whitlock likely did make the move with her husband William Jones from Caswell County, North Carolina, to Greenville County, South Carolina, in 1793, and that she died between 1810-1820. This would explain why William’s will in 1823 makes no mention of his wife Mary.

Also well worth noting: in 1800, 1810, and 1820, listed on the same census page with William Jones is a John Austin who is, I think, the son of Nathaniel Austin Sr. The posting linked above explains Nathaniel Austin’s significance. I continue to think that it’s very likely that James Whitlock and Agnes Christmas’s daughter Ann, who, we know from the will of her grandfather Thomas Christmas, married an Austin, married a member of the Nathaniel Austin family, which — as with the Whitlocks — was in Hanover and Louisa Counties, Virginia, before moving to Greenville County, South Carolina. As William Jones and wife Mary Whitlock did, and as I’m going to propose in my next posting Mary’s youngest brother Nathaniel Whitlock also did….

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