William Burke Lindsey (1812 – 1867/1870): Additional Information

In the first part of the 1830s, William B. Lindsey appears as a trustee in several Lawrence County, Alabama, deeds of trust. On 2 April 1833, Martin Doss of Lawrence County made a mortgage to James and Robert W. Montgomery with William B. Lindsey as trustee (Lawrence County, Alabama, Deed Bk. E, pp. 337-8). Doss had had made a note for $32.62½ to the Montgomerys on 26 December 1831, with $30 due 7 March 1833. William B. Lindsey was to hold the  property mortgaged by Doss in trust until the debt was satisfied. All parties signed and acknowledged the mortgage on the day it was made and it was recorded 9 April.

On 15 September 1834, Isaac P. Reece of Lawrence County made a deed of trust to John S. White and John Gregg, merchants and partners in trade in the firm of White and Gregg (Lawrence County, Alabama, Deed Bk. F, pp. 333-5). Reece made a note of debt for $75 to White and Gregg on the day of the deed of trust, and he mortgaged property to them, to be held in the hands of William B. Lindsey as trustee until the debt was satisfied. The note was due 25 December 1834. Reece, Lindsey, and Gregg signed and all acknowledged the document the day it was signed. It was recorded 3 October 1834.

On 13 January 1835, Andrew Hamilton of Lawrence County made a deed of trust to Henry Gregg and Mark Lindsey for a note for $150 he made to Gregg on 13 January 1835, payable 13 February next (Lawrence County, Alabama, Deed Bk. F, pp. 383-4). William B. Lindsey acted as trustee in this deed of trust. All parties signed the deed of trust and acknowledged it the same day, and it was recorded on 26 February 1835. The document does not explain why Burke Lindsey’s father Mark Lindsey was a party along with Henry Gregg to this deed of trust.

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