Thomas Jefferson Brooks (1835/8 – 1862): Additions to Previous Posting

Or, Subtitled: Division of Land Among Brooks Heirs from a League Granted to Jonathan D. Morris of the Austin Colony, with a Portion sold to the Eblins Who Sold to Martha Elizabeth Hill Brooks

I have just added more information to a previous posting I made this past August about Thomas Jefferson Brooks (1835/8 – 1862), his wife Martha Elizabeth Hill, and their children Robert Alexander Brooks, Eula Lee Brooks Wilkes, and Thomas Jefferson Brooks. On my recent research trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, I find a deed the three children made on 1 June 1887 in Bastrop County (Bastrop County, Texas, Deed Bk. 11, pp. 49-52), which states the date and place of death of Martha Hill Brooks. The deed also states that Martha died owning 225 acres in Basrop County east of the Colorado River and 13 miles south of Bastrop, which had been sold by Jonathan D. Morris to John Eblin and then by George Eblin to Martha. The land came to Morris as a league of land granted to him as a settler in Stephen F. Austin’s colony. The 225 acres Martha owned were divided among her children equally by a drawing of lots, and in June 1887, Thomas Jr. and Eula Lee/Eulalie deeded to their brother Robert 50 acres out of the middle of the tract — hence this deed.

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