Charles Wesley Brooks (1829 – 1896): Additions to Previous Posting

Bastrop, Texas, Main Street, photo by Larry D. Moore, at Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license BY-SA 3.0

Or, Subtitled: Deeds and More Deeds

In the work I did recently at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, I went through the deed books of Bastrop and Williamson County, Texas, to fill in gaps in my research on Charles Wesley Brooks, son of James Brooks and Nancy Isbell. As this previous posting notes, in 1854, Charles moved from Lawrence County, Alabama, and joined his cousin Alexander Mackey Brooks there. In 1855 in Bastrop County, Charles married Elizabeth Christian Burleson, daughter of James Burleson and Mary Randolph Buchanan. Charles and Elizabeth then ranched and farmed in Bastrop County until 1878, when they moved to Georgetown in Williamson County so that their children could be schooled in the preparatory school of the newly founded Southwestern University.

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