Thomas Whitlock (abt. 1745 – 1830): Additional Material, Montgomery County, Virginia, Years

I’ve now added a digital image of the latter document to the posting linked above. It provides no new information about this 369-acre tract, really, but nice to have two separate plats for it, even so — both showing that Little Reed Island Creek ran through the land, bisecting it into two almost equal halves. The plat in the Montgomery County plat book is signed by Granville Smith and William Preston, the latter evidently having surveyed the land.

I had not been to the Family History Library for several years, due to the pandemic. Since I was last there, the library has done extensive renovation. In the research area on the floor housing U.S. and Canadian microfilms, there are now clusters of three computers at which a patron can work on multiple screens simultaneously. The last time I was at the library, in order to digitize an image on a microfilm, you had to bring the film to a digitizing machine located in the area of that floor that had photocopies. Now, you can digitize images right at the computers on which you’re working, and pull them immediately to a stick drive that allows you to save and open them on your own computer right away. This is all a wonderful improvement.

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