Hannah Whitlock, Bedford County, Virginia, Court Minutes, July 1769: Additional Material

Since I made that report, I have had a chance to comb through Bedford court minutes to see what I can learn about the case of Parrish v. Guthery. I’ve now gathered notes about the case from March 1769, when a jury was impaneled for it, to August 1771, when it seems to have ended. If you want to see those notes, please click the link above and read the material following a P.S. in the latter part of the posting.

In researching the notes, I found nothing that might explain Hannah and Thomas Whitlock’s connection to either Lucy Parrish or Henry Guthery/Guthrie. I assume that if Hannah testified on behalf of Lucy as Lucy complained of threats Henry had made against her, Hannah and Thomas may have had some connection to Lucy Parrish, but if that’s the case, I don’t know what the connection is.

As the posting linked above explains, this find — Hannah’s being mentioned in Bedford court minutes in July 1769 — places Thomas and Hannah in that Virginia county by that date, and tells us that they had married by this time. By March 1776, they’d move to Little Reed Island Creek on the New River in what was then Montgomery County, later Wythe County, where they’d live up to 1805 when they sold their land and went to Kentucky.

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