Note: Correction of Mistakes, Mary Brooks (1745/1750 – aft. 15 May 1815) and Jacob Hollingsworth (1742 – 1822)

Good grief. I’ve re-read my posting several days ago about Mary Brooks and husband Jacob Hollingsworth, and find I made a mess of things when I spoke about the date of his death (1822) and of his will (15 May 1815). I had typed 1821 several times when I meant 1815, and in one instance, had said that Jacob died in 1821 instead of 1822.

I apologize for those errors, and have now corrected them. When it comes to typing numbers, I sometimes have a kind of dyslexia (not a clinical diagnosis, just my term for how my brain and fingers work on the keyboard), and end up garbling numbers. Anytime any reader spots a mistake of any kind in what I post here, I surely do welcome corrections.

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