A St. Pat’s Day Postscript

A small St. Patrick’s day postscript to readers of this new blog: if you’re finding it worthwhile, please feel free to pass on information about it to others who might be interested in it. As I said in my initial posting, I’ve set it up because I want to find a way to share years of research with others, and for that reason, will welcome any help I can get in spreading word to others about this new blog. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “A St. Pat’s Day Postscript

  1. Bill — For several reasons your blog is worth sharing. When I was invited, it seems I was required to register as a user with wordpress.org….. no wait, using a WordPress.com account. It was confusing because I was already experimenting with wordpress authoring as part of carrying Lindsay International forward. So can our fellow researchers simply be directed to your site, or must they be invited as I was? (I’m still muddling through. I’d rather be cataloging SNPs.) There is much in store for all of us.


    1. Joe, thank you. I think anyone can sign up to follow this blog, whether they are on WordPress or not. Other folks who have WordPress accounts have also told me of problems they had signing up — and you’re right, that’s very confusing. You’d think that it would be easier to sign up to follow a WordPress blog if you are on WordPress already, but the reverse appears to be true.


    2. P.S. The follow button is not easy to see on WordPress blog pages, unfortunately. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and look in the right-hand corner, where it will pop up and allow you to click and follow, either as someone already on WordPress or someone subscribing through your email address.


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