Thomas Whitlock (abt. 1745 – 1830) of Louisa and Wythe Counties, Virginia, and Cumberland County, Kentucky: Establishing a Date of Birth

James Whitlock’s estate division, Louisa County, Virginia, Inventory Bk. 1743-1790, p. 40

Or Subtitled: “[My will] and desire is that the Estate above mentioned shall be Equally de[vided between] my loving Wife Agness Whitlock and her Six children”

Thomas Whitlock was born in St. Martin’s parish, Louisa County, Virginia, around 1745. Or so I have deduced by putting a number of pieces of information together and asking what they tell me about Thomas’s probable date of birth. Figuring out birthdates of people born in the Southern states (and colonies) prior to the 1850 federal census, which first began providing specific ages of those enumerated, is notoriously challenging. Good luck at finding a family bible or a church baptism or birth record in most cases. If you’re fortunate enough to know exactly where someone — this is usually a male, since women unfortunately often do not appear in official documents — was living when he came of age and began appearing on tax lists, that’s one good way to get a fairly accurate fix on a year of birth. Otherwise….

The Children of Dennis Linchey/Lindsey (abt. 1700-1762): Benjamin, Mary, and Winifred Lindsey

Lindsey, Benjamin, Warren Co NC DB 3, 334
Deed of Benjamin Lindsey to Adams Pardue, 4 March 1771, Bute County, North Carolina, Deed Bk. 3, p. 334

Or, Subtitled: Minor Children Who Remain Mysteries

As we have gone through the list of the children Dennis Lindsey names in his August 1762 Granville County, North Carolina, will, I’ve now told you what I know of Dennis’ daughter Catherine (married Roger Thornton), Margaret (married Robert Phillips, I’ve concluded), and Elizabeth (married Ephraim Clanton). As I’ve also indicated, I plan to finish this discussion with information about Dennis’ son William, about whom I have a substantial amount of documentation. About Margaret and Elizabeth, I know nothing more than their names from Dennis’ will and their husbands, if I have matched these two daughters to the correct sons-in-law named in Dennis’ will. Continue reading “The Children of Dennis Linchey/Lindsey (abt. 1700-1762): Benjamin, Mary, and Winifred Lindsey”