Nottingham Monk (bef. 1720 – 1793) of Northampton County, Virginia, and Bertie County, North Carolina: Probable Wife — Elishea Belote

Will of John Beloat, 3 May 1722, Northampton County, Virginia, Record Bk. XXIII-R, Deeds, Wills, etc., 1718-1725, p. 152

Or, Subtitled: “I give them all my Hogs Corne & meat but if abigaile Should marry then to have no part of ye Hogs”

I’m going to interrupt my series tracking the children of Thomas Brooks (1775-1838) and wife Sarah Whitlock of Wythe County, Virginia, Wayne County, Kentucky, and Morgan County, Alabama, for a moment to share with you some information that connects to a previous series I posted on this blog about an entirely different family, the Monk family of Northampton County, Virginia, and Bertie and Martin Counties, North Carolina. I have promised you a posting on the children of Thomas and Sarah Whitlock Brooks’s daughter Margaret (1803-1855) and husband Ransom Van Winkle, and will return to that series after I discuss this new material I have to share with you.

The Nottingham Ancestry of Strachan Monk (1787-1850/1860): Richard Nottingham (1587-1640/1650)

Ancestry of Richard Nottingham of Virginia, Per Cedric Nottingham
Chart of the ancestry of Richard Nottingham, immigrant to Northampton County, Virginia, as outlined by Cedric Nottingham, “The Nottingham Surname: The Virginian Connection

Or, Subtitled: The Ifs, Ands, and Buts of Establishing a Pedigree for 17th-Century Virginia Immigrants

When it comes to pinning down the pre-Virginia origins of the immigrant ancestor of the Nottingham family of Northampton County, Virginia, Richard Nottingham (abt. 1620-1692), there are many ifs, ands, and buts. To my knowledge, the only researcher who has worked intensively on this project is Cedric Nottingham, to whom I introduced readers in a previous posting. In his monograph “The Nottingham Surname: The Virginian Connection,” he relates how, after assiduous research, he, his wife Christine, and his brother Tom came to the conclusion that it’s very likely Richard Nottingham of Northampton County, Virginia, is the son of an older Richard Nottingham (1587-1640/1650), a merchant of Stepney in the east end of London whose roots lie in Ipswich in County Suffolk. Continue reading “The Nottingham Ancestry of Strachan Monk (1787-1850/1860): Richard Nottingham (1587-1640/1650)”