Children of Nancy Whitlock (1778 – 1863) and Husband Abner Bryson: Hilpa, Elizabeth, and James Bryson

Abner Bryson Mackey, photo uploaded by Roger McCumber to Find a Grave memorial page of A.B. Mackey, Juntura cemetery, Juntura, Malheur County, Oregon, created by Tami K

Or, Subtitled: Hilpa and Zilpah and Biblical (and Pseudo-Biblical) Naming Patterns in 19th-Century America

This posting is a continuation of the discussion of the children of Nancy Whitlock and her husband Abner Bryson. The previous posting discussed Nancy and Abner’s first two children, Thomas Whitlock Bryson and Catharine Bryson Williams. 

Children of James Brooks (1772-1835) and Wife Nancy Isbell: Charles Wesley Brooks (1829-1896) —Wife Elizabeth Burleson (2)

Frank W. Johnson, A History of Texas and Texans, vol. 3 (Chicago and New York: American Historical Society, 1916), p. 1471

Or, Subtitled: “One of the truly great pioneer women of the state”

This posting is a continuation of my discussion of the 11th child of James Brooks and Nancy Isbell of Wayne County, Kentucky, Warren County, Tennessee, and Lawrence County, Alabama, their last son Charles Wesley Brooks (1828-1896). As the previous posting featuring Charles indicated, in this posting I’ll provide additional information about Charles’s wife Elizabeth Christian Burleson, daughter of James Burleson and Mary Randolph Buchanan.