Children of Nancy Whitlock (1778 – 1863) and Husband Abner Bryson: Hilpa, Elizabeth, and James Bryson

Abner Bryson Mackey, photo uploaded by Roger McCumber to Find a Grave memorial page of A.B. Mackey, Juntura cemetery, Juntura, Malheur County, Oregon, created by Tami K

Or, Subtitled: Hilpa and Zilpah and Biblical (and Pseudo-Biblical) Naming Patterns in 19th-Century America

This posting is a continuation of the discussion of the children of Nancy Whitlock and her husband Abner Bryson. The previous posting discussed Nancy and Abner’s first two children, Thomas Whitlock Bryson and Catharine Bryson Williams. 

The Nottingham Ancestry of Strachan Monk (1787-1850/1860): Richard Nottingham (abt. 1620-1692) (3)

Nottingham, Richard, Will, Northampton Co., VA, Orders and Wills 13, 1689-98, p. 210 (1)
Will of Richard Nottingham, Northampton County, Virginia, Orders and Wills Bk. 13, p. 210 (top)

Or, Subtitled: Boys and Wenches Running Wild in the Streets of London: Off to Virginia with Them!

In our last posting, we got the immigrant ancestor of the Nottingham family — Richard Nottingham (abt. 1620-1692) — to Northampton County, Virginia. In this posting, I’d like to tell you about his life there insofar as we have documentary evidence of it up to his death between 24 September 1692, when he made his will, and 29 November 1692, when his will was probated. I’ll discuss the will in my final (that is, next) posting about Richard Nottingham. Here are the data I have: Continue reading “The Nottingham Ancestry of Strachan Monk (1787-1850/1860): Richard Nottingham (abt. 1620-1692) (3)”