Children of Thomas Whitlock (abt. 1745 – 1830) and Wife Hannah Phillips: Nancy Whitlock (1778 – 1863) and Husband Abner Bryson (2)

Christian County, Kentucky, Deed Bk. U, pp. 424-5

Or, Subtitled: A flax and cotton wheel, a loom, a sorrel mare, and a red cow and calf

This posting continues the chronicle of the lives of Nancy Whitlock and her husband Abner Bryson that began in the previous posting, as it tracked them from Surry County, North Carolina, to Cumberland County, Kentucky. In 1832-3, they moved from Cumberland to Christian County, Kentucky. On 15 May 1834 in Christian County, pursuant to a 1 May court order in a suit Abner Bryson had filed against them in the county’s circuit court in November 1833, John T. Bennett and wife Martha, acting through Christian County commissioner Abraham Stites, deeded Abner Bryson of Christian County 407 acres on waters of Sinking Fork of Little River in Christian County.[1] Both Bennetts signed the deed, and John H. Phelps, court clerk, confirmed it on 15 May 1834 and it was recorded on 27 June.

Children of Mary Brooks (1745/1750 – aft. 15 May 1815) and Jacob Hollingsworth (1742 – 1822) — Thomas Hollingsworth (1777 – 1836) and Wife Amelia Terrell

Southern Recorder (Milledgeville, Georgia), 31 May 1836, p. 3, col. 5

Or, Subtitled: “He was proverbial for his honesty and integrity.”

Thomas Hollingsworth was the sixth child of Jacob Hollingsworth and Mary Brooks, and was possibly named for Mary’s brother Thomas Brooks (bef. 1747 – 1805) (and see here and here). We’ve seen previously that his tombstone in Fairview Presbyterian cemetery in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia, states that he died 16 May 1836 in his 59th year: this places his birth in 1777.[1] He was born in Guilford County, North Carolina, and died in Lawrenceville, the county seat of Gwinnett, to which he and wife Amelia moved their family in 1825 from Franklin County, Georgia.

The Children of Dennis Lindsey (abt. 1755-1795): Isaac Lindsey (abt. 1776 – 1833)? (2)

Lindsey, William Monroe Jr. Family
Family of William Monroe Lindsey (183-1935) and Susan Anne Zeagler, Amite County, Mississippi, uploaded by Carolyn Dennis Kress to William Monroe Lindsey’s Find a Grave page, Zeagler cemetery, Amite County, Mississippi

Or, Subtitled, Families from the Carolinas in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana and West Florida Area of Mississippi

As I noted in my previous posting, William Lindsey, son of Isaac Lindsey and Mary Tate, filed an appeal for the succession of his father’s estate on 19 July 1851 in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana — though it appears likely that Isaac had died in April 1833, leaving five minor children for Mary to provide for.[1] At some point before 1850, Mary remarried to Nehemiah Newman and appears with him on the 1850 census in St. Helena Parish.[2] William Lindsey’s appeal for the succession of the estate of Isaac Lindsey states that Isaac’s heirs were (in addition to widow Mary) Matilda Lindsey, wife of Jimeson Carter; Malinda Lindsey, wife of Jerry Thompson; Lucinda Lindsey, wife of Samuel Newman; Mary Lindsey, wife of John Brabham; Harvey Lindsey, minor; and William himself. In this posting, I will share the information I have on the children of Isaac Lindsey and Mary Tate. Continue reading “The Children of Dennis Lindsey (abt. 1755-1795): Isaac Lindsey (abt. 1776 – 1833)? (2)”

Additional Notes re: Phillips Families of Granville and Chatham Counties, North Carolina

Jeremiah Phillips, Plat for 400 Acres, Chatham Co. NC, 4 March 1784
Plat for Jeremiah Phillips, 400 Acres, Chatham County, North Carolina, 4 March 1784, Chatham County land grant file 793

Or, Subtitled: Questions Piled on Questions

As a follow-up to my postings about Robert Phillips, who married Margaret, daughter of Dennis Lindsey of Granville County, and about David Phillips (and here), I’d like to share with you now some scattered (and desultory) notes on Phillips families in Granville, Orange, and Chatham Counties, North Carolina. As the two postings I’ve just linked tell you, there are many connections between David Phillips and his kinship network and the kinship network of Dennis Lindsey, and David followed the very same migration path that Dennis followed in the same time frame, from Richmond to Spotsylvania (later Orange) County, Virginia, then to Edgecombe (later Granville) County, North Carolina (and, in David’s case, finally to Orange County, North Carolina). Continue reading “Additional Notes re: Phillips Families of Granville and Chatham Counties, North Carolina”

The Children of Dennis Linchey/Lindsey (abt. 1700-1762): Margaret Lindsey and Husband Robert Phillips

Phillips, Robert, Walter Clark, ed., The State Records of North Carolina, vol. 22, Miscellaneous (Goldsboro, NC, Nash Bros., 1907), p. 165
Granville County, North Carolina, Militia List of Capt. Jonathan Kittrell’s Company, 1771, in Walter Clark, ed., The State Records of North Carolina, vol. 22: Miscellaneous (Goldsboro, NC: Nash Bros., 1907), p. 165.

Or, Subtitled: Genealogical Puzzles and the More You Learn, the More Confused You Become

A Long Introduction: Robert Phillips the Mystery Man

I’ve been dithering over the next installment of my postings about the children of Dennis Linchey/Lindsey (abt. 1700-1762) because, to be honest, Robert Phillips is a mystery man for me. The more I try to find new information about him, the more confused I am. I had decided to follow my posting about Dennis’s daughter Catherine and her husband Roger Thornton with one about Robert Phillips and his wife Margaret. We know from Dennis’ will that one of his daughters married Robert Phillips, and I’ve told you why I suspect that daughter was Margaret and not Elizabeth, the other married daughter at the time the will was made, in addition to their sister Catherine, who we know, from sources other than the will, married Roger Thornton. Continue reading “The Children of Dennis Linchey/Lindsey (abt. 1700-1762): Margaret Lindsey and Husband Robert Phillips”