Children of Margaret Brooks (1803-1855) and Husband Ransom Van Winkle of Wayne County, Kentucky, and Morgan County, Illinois

Alexander Van Winkle, photo uploaded by Wendy Roiser to Find a Grave memorial page for Alexander VanWinkle, Franklin city cemetery, Franklin, Morgan County, Illinois, created by P. Meado

Or, Subtitled: “Two children were placed in baskets and strapped on a horse, looking like a peddler’s pack-horse”

This posting continues a two-part series (here and here) that I did previously about Margaret Brooks (1803-1855), a daughter of Thomas Brooks (1775-1835) and Sarah Whitlock. Margaret married Ransom Van Winkle, son of Abraham Van Winkle and Charity Sallee, in Wayne County, Kentucky, in 1823, and in 1829, the couple moved their family to Morgan County, Illinois, where Margaret and Ransom died and are buried. 

Children of Jesse Brooks (1783/1786 – 1860) and Wife Mary: Delphia, Jesse, Mary, John B., Rebecca, and Joseph D. (2)

See Find a Grave memorial page of Joseph D. Brooks, Forest Hill cemetery, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, created by Steve McCray, with a tombstone photo by Steve McCray

Or, Subtitled: “Gone To Rest

This posting is a continuation of a previous one that discussed the first four children of Jesse Brooks and wife Mary of Wythe County, Virginia, and Wayne and Barren Counties, Kentucky. The previous discussion provided information about Jesse and Mary’s first four children, Elizabeth, Thomas, William, and James. As that posting and a previous one note, I don’t have absolute proof that all of Jesse Brooks’s children were by his wife Mary, whose surname is not known, despite many online trees and articles which identify this Jesse Brooks with a man of the same name who married Mary Vaughan in Prince Edward County, Virginia, in 1795 — when this Jesse Brooks was 9-12 years old. As the two postings I’ve just linked also state, I am inclined to think all of Jesse’s children were by his wife Mary. As stated below, we know from a death record of Jesse’s son Jesse that Jesse Jr.’s parents were Jesse and Mary Brooks, so this proves that all children after Jesse Jr. were definitely by Mary.