John Whitlock (1509-1589), Owner of Manor of Beches, Wokingham, Berkshire, England

James Whitlocke, Liber Famelicus of Sir James Whitlocke, etc., ed. John Bruce (London: Camden Society, 1858),

Or, Subtitled: A pidle of land lieing at beare lane nowe in the teanure of the same John”

John Whitlock, father of Richard Whitlock (abt. 1583 – 1642) of Wokingham, Berkshire, England, and London, was born around 1509. We can estimate his birth year as around 1509 on the basis of information provided by his nephew Sir James Whitlocke (1570-1632) in James’s history of the Whitlock family entitled Liber Famelicus.[1] In his opening statement in this book, James Whitlocke states that he began writing Liber Famelicus 18 April 1609.[2] About his uncle John Whitlock, James writes that John was a son of James’s  grandfather Richard Whitelock (d. 1556): he states,[3]

James Whitlock (1651-1716), Virginia Immigrant: English Roots

Brightwell Baldwin parish register, 1546-1704, Oxfordshire, England, in Anglican Parish Registers, Oxfordshire Family History Society and Oxfordshire History Center, available digitally in Ancestry database Oxfordshire, England, Church of England Baptism, Marriages, and Burials, 1538-1812

Or, Subtitled: In Which We Connect James Whitlock, Virginia Immigrant, to His English Roots

My American ancestral roots run largely back to colonial Virginia and are largely English. I have a sprinkling of colonial immigrant ancestors who came to Maryland, the middle colonies, and the Carolinas. But the bulk of my colonial ancestors were English folks who came to Virginia in the 1600s. And the Whitlock line is one of my rare ancestral lines in which I can pinpoint this family’s place of origin in England — and trace it back with confidence into the 1400s (and, in the case of families married into the Whitlock line such as the de la Beches, to the 1100s).